Building Materials

 From the moment our company was founded in 1998, we have been committed to building beautiful spaces using sustainable building materials and methods that:

  • Reduce dependence on dwindling resources 

  • Rely on renewable resource material

  • Promote green building and green energy

  • Help neutrilize our company's environmental footprint


 When building a house, the choices in materials, design and fixtures can be overwhelming.  We have broken down the process into two major catagories, the building envelope and interior spaces.


 There are many benefits to using energy efficient sustainable building materials in your construction project.  Brian has extensive knowledge of types of materials that are energy efficient and cost effective as well as healthful to you and the environment.  Building with these methods and materials can save you up to 50-80% on your energy bills compared to traditional frame built houses with standard insulation. And of course these materials give an aesthetics that no other building material can match in feel, warmth and timelessness.  In the long run, you will save thousands of dollars in energy costs, love the look of your home as well as help the environment by using materials that require less embodied energy.  It's a win-win situation for you and the environment and makes sense dollar-wise in the long run.

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