Small Dwellings

With more and more home owners interested in scaling down their living space, the idea of building small is becoming all the rage.  Over the years, SunBear has been a leader in eco-sustainable ideas and implementation.  We believe that a small footprint can utilize your site to it's best advantage as well as create more access to the wonderful New Mexico skylines and weather.  Small dwellings, less than 2000 sq ft are more cost effective.  The smaller footprint  is less damaging to the environment and encourages the homeowner to take advantage our beautiful mild four seasons by utilizing more outdoor space. Large sliding doors can open up a small room to the outside creating a seamless outside/inside space and visually and physically increasing the size.  The photo to the right is

With respect to a smaller home: The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) estimates that for every doubling of square feet, a home uses 25 percent more energy and 50 percent more materials. So, the primary benefit of a small footprint home is that is simply uses less material and energy — both of which save homeowners money on upfront investment, utility bills, maintenance, furnishing, cleaning, etc. It also saves the homeowner time — time spent furnishing and cleaning a larger home.

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