Everything Else

The building envelope is the foundation to a new construction project.  It creates the major protection from the elements as well as creates the boundaries for your interior as well as exterior living space.   But functionally and aesthetically "everything else" which includes floors, walls, interior details as well as countertops, appliances, lighting, ect, has just as much importance and creates the aesthetics as well as the movement through the interior and exterior spaces.  A well designed interior and exterior space makes all the difference when you consider comfort aas well as the overall aesthetics.


  What sets SunBear apart from other design/build companies in our area is Brian's sensitivity to detail and his non-compromising craftsmanship.  Through his education and experience, Brian builds beautiful living spaces inside and out.  He is also considered one of the best craftsmen in Southern New Mexico and brings this meticulous sense of how things fit together to each project no matter how small.

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