When considering your new home's flooring, take a look at natural materials that create less of a footprint in the environment.  Cork, Bamboo, sustainable timber, rubber, and terrazzo are all options and can be incorporated in a SunBear custom home.  We also use several Tile companies in New Mexico that offer unique tile options.

Concrete Foundations that Double as the Finished Floor

The enduring structural abilities of concrete have been known and used by both ancient and modern constructors for thousands of years.  In the past, concrete has been used only as a base material over which other flooring materials are placed.  Now, however, because of new advances in polishing, hardening and coloring, concrete can be used as a stunning finish flooring material like no other.

Traditional flooring materials such as carpet, linoleum or wood are usually placed over concrete base.  Several times over the lifetime of a structure these materials wear out and must be replaced, and the expense can be significant over the lifetime of a home.  A polished concrete floor will last the lifetime of the building and you can change the look over time with throw rugs.


Here are two companies that we have found to be exemplary in their products as well as customer service. Contact us for more options.


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