"We want to make it possible for our clients to have the best designed house for their lifestyle and budget without sacrificing aesthetics and healthfullness."

Why SunBear?

The philosophy of home design at SunBear is to use simple, elegant design with energy saving ecologically sensitive building materials in a highly crafted custom home.  

We follow design principles that emphasize smaller more efficient spaces without losing the aesthetics of a warm comfortable feel that makes a home. Brian is unique in the building trade because he has an MFA in Fine Arts and has taught art and design at both University of Arizona and University of Idaho.  He uses his knowledge of design and aesthetics along with his ability to produce beautifully crafted spaces to make unique homes for his individual clients.  ​


Brian uses the same knowledge of aesthetics when designing and implementing his craft for remodels as well as additions.  SunBear  has the expertise to combine good interior design aesthetics with highly crafted spaces.  The result is a well thought out beautiful remodel, addition and/or update to your existing home.

Brian has a vast working knowledge of green building methods and materials so he can advise and carry out this into your project.  He encourages and uses sustainable green design practices like passive solar,  siting and appropriate roof overhangs in his home designs.  Other sustainable practices, such as alternative wall systems and materials, rain water collection, gray water systems, wind and solar power are encouraged and can all be incorporated into any building project.  


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