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What makes Brian Myers stand out above the other carpenters in and around Silver City is his ability to design and implement the finely crafted details that make up the aesthetics of a house.  Wall textures, countertops, floor materials and cabinetry are just a few of the details that finish off the look and feel that you want in your house and that Brian has the ability to customize to your tastes.


Concrete is a medium that has become very popular over the past 12 years in countertop applications.  There are many different looks as well as colors and finishes that can happen with concrete.  It especially works well in more traditional southwest design that lends itself to the rustic plaster wall feel, big vigas and tall ceilings.  Over the years, Brian has designed, custom made and installed concrete in his new homes as well as remodels.  The size, color and shapes are endless.

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