Straw-bale Construction

Straw-bale construction is a building method that uses bales of straw as structural elements.  Advantages of straw-bale construction over conventional building systems is that it is renewable, fire retardant, and has a high insulative R-value.  A straw-bale building consists of stacking bales on a raised footing with a structural frame of wood surrounding them.

Straw bale construction exhibits R-values from R-30 and up to R-45.  The bales are typically covered with concrete mortar/stucco or earthen lime plaster, achieving a high degree of fire resistance.  Straw bale homes have roughly three times the fire resistance of conventional homes.  The walls also provide excellent sound proofing as well as aesthetically having a calming effect from the organic thick natural walls.  Adobe and Straw bale are the most healthful wall material because you eliminate insulation as well as plywood or other synthetic products that have harmful carcinogens in them that can off-gas into your home.  Because of their natural material, a straw bale house breathes which assists in the natural intake and exhaust of air throughout your home.

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