Meet the design team...

SunBear is a small custom home and remodel company based out of SIlver CIty, New Mexico.  Like all businesses we want to be successful.  But our definition of success includes not only high quality design+build service but also a committment to environmentally and socially responsible building practices that cause less harm to the natural world in which we live.


We are:

  • Passionate about the environment

  • Dedicated to uncompromised quality

  • Keep our ethics and principles in the design and build process 

  • Taking the extra time and effort that makes the difference

  • Sharing our knowledge on products and design that create a lighter footprint and more beautiful home


Brian has an MFA in painting from University of Arizona.  After grad school, he taught painting and design at both U of A in Tucson and University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.  Brian is married to Jennifer Douglass who partners in SunBear.  She also has an MFA in painting from U of A and taught for 10 years at Pima Community College, U of A and University of Idaho in the art department as well as commercial design. She presently is Assistant Professor in Painting and Drawing at WNMU and has extensive knowledge in color and design.  Jennifer  assists Brian in interior design consultation and application.  


Both Brian and Jennifer decided to move to SIlver City in the late 1990s to raise their new family and be close to the Gila wilderness which they love.  Before graduate school, Brian had a successful construction business that funded his way through school.  Moving to SIlver City gave Brian a perfect opportunity to expand on the previous business. They wanted to make a difference in the housing dilemma of contractors and developers disregarding the environmental impact of their practices.  Both Brain and Jennifer understand and are aware of form as it relates to function and its relationship to the environment.  This is rarely considered in the building trade because most of the time  builders try to build the largest house with the least expensive materials to make the most profit.


Being sensitive to rural and urban growth problems, Brian decided the most important thing he could do with his talent was to offer an alternative to the housing dilema.  His intention was a well designed energy efficient house that was well crafted and caused less stress to the environment. The result is an aesthetically beautiful and healthful place for his clients to live.


As an artist, designer and especially as a builder, Brian brings his meticulous sense of detail to every project creating highly crafted houses and remodels.  Over the years, both Brian and Jennifer have developed an extensive knowledge on what works in our desert climate that best utilizes materials as well as siting of your home.  They feel that in the building trade is where they can make the biggest difference in the way the public percieves our role in the environment and interacts with it on a daily basis.

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